Moroccanoil, an international hair and beauty product manufacturer, commissioned us to create a series of training videos for salons that distribute their products. The 15 short videos would star their sales and marketing staff knowledgeably outlining key products, company history, the loyalty program, and the ongoing educational opportunities at their New York Academy. 


Moroccanoil provided us with a series of Powerpoint presentations already in use by their sales and marketing teams. We worked with these to create shooting scripts and a production schedule to capture all the footage in two days of filming.

Using a white cove studio, we collaborated with their product stylist on a clean design. We then filmed with six presenters, a hairstylist, and several models over two days. Our motion graphics team supplemented the footage with social media visuals and motion graphics. These videos are now being frequently used in the professional private access section of Moroccanoil’s website.


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