Company, Training


Simlog Ltd., a company creating training simulation equipment and software for the construction, mining, forestry and material handling industries, came to us again to create two new videos. They’d have to be dual purpose – to serve as promotional videos for their website, and as demonstration tools for their sales team to help them break into new markets. One message had to ring out: “This is a professional learning tool, not a toy!”


We needed to capture two different forklift simulator setups – a table-top orientation, installable in most offices, and a replica forklift operator chair. Both featured the replica controls from actual forklifts – pedals, levers, and gear shifters, and take up a considerable amount of space. That was an additional challenge: Simlog didn’t have sufficient space to shoot in their office. We suggested filming on a vacant upper floor of their office building. Turn around time had to be very fast: the space would only be available for less than a week. We met with Simlog to finalize details on Wednesday and we were filming the following Monday! With two setups to film and many angles and orientations to capture, every minute of the day was carefully scheduled. The editing process features vector animations that move with the scene – the added benefit was easy versioning into multiple languages. We produced English, French, and Spanish versions.