Documentary Series


Watchers of the North follows the training, work and personal lives of Canadian Rangers, reservists in a unique branch of the Canadian Force, in two Nunavut Inuit communities.

The breathtaking landscapes act as backdrop to the adventures of the Rangers – from emotional Search and Rescue training with a very personal edge, to skidoo security patrols in the coveted Arctic region, to the challenges of being a young adult Ranger in a rapidly evolving community.

Each episode is an intimate peek into the challenges and lives of a people rarely seen on TV, and their adventures as Rangers.

Series Director

David Finch
Dennis Allen

Writers & Producers

David Finch & Maureen Marovitch

Directors of Photography

Paul Rickard & Stephanie Weimar

Picture Editors

Jesse Bochner & James Malloch


Jordan Wiberg (English)
Kevin Kablutsiaq (Inuktitut)

Original Music

Pierre-Yves Drapeau & David Finch

Original Broadcaster