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Imagine a wire-free NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nestled inside Canada’s first wireless children’s hospital. That’s exactly what an innovative research team at The Montreal Children’s Hospital is doing! But to make this research endeavour a reality, they needed a compelling fundraising video that showed both the limiting current wired situation and what vast improvements a wireless system will bring to their small patients, parents, medical staff and researchers.



Our writer consulted with The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the physician/ researchers behind the project to create a filming script that incorporated animated sequences. With that approved blueprint, our filming crew collaborated with the hospital’s in-house media team to capture interviews with parents, nurses and doctors, along with tender moments in the NICU and other hospital floors. Meanwhile our animation artist designed beautiful and informative 2D animations to illustrate how the wireless sensors work, and help viewers envision the ways wireless monitoring will innovate patient care.



The video seen here that is now being used very successfully to explain the research project to donors and help raise the needed funds that will carry the project through two years of testing.

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