We were approached by Concordia University to create a video series for future students showcasing what life is like at the university. The videos featured current and past students from multiple faculties including arts, history, engineering and business. The variety of perspectives on what a “Concordia experience” could be dynamically portrays the multiplicity of student experiences at the university.


We shot this series over 8 days on Concordia’s campus and the homes of the students featured. We did one full-length interview with each subject as well as smaller ones with important people that featured in their stories. We also followed each student as they socialized with their peers, attended classes and worked at their part time jobs to capture documentary- style footage of their daily lives.


Each video in both 3 minute and shorter social media vertical versions are currently featured on Concordia’s YouTube page and on their social media accounts. They beautifully embody the unique experience of being an undergraduate student at Concordia to potential future students!


“Professional. Experts. Friendly. I’ve worked with Picture This Productions on several major projects over the past couple of years and I can attest to their quality of work. The team not only works to truly understand the needs of the client but also delivers professional products on time (and smoothly managed!) I appreciated that they were always very quick to respond and are up to speed on trends in marketing, branding, the digital world and other technical matters. I learned a lot from working with them. Generally a very friendly team. Highly recommended for your institution or business.”

– Candace Jacobs, Manager, Student Recruitment Marketing & Communications Services, Concordia University

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