Animation, Non-profit


Non-profit organization CESO is an international economic development organization. Its volunteer advisors carry out more than 500 assignments each year, helping businesses, communities, governments and individuals around the world grow sustainable, inclusive businesses. Their problem was that it was hard for others to grasp what they do. They came to us looking for an animated video that would explain how they carry out their work.


We did research calls with their management and communications team to better understand CESO’s mission and workflow. Then our team brainstormed to come up with three different story and style treatments. CESO chose their preferred treatment and we drafted a final script and recorded narration with a voice-over artist.  Our animator then developed storyboards to show how we’d portray key ideas. Once CESO approved the storyboards, we selected music and created the full animated sequences. CESO gave their feedback at three edit phases to produce the final video you see here.

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