Wrapping Up 2020

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What a year…

In the last several months, we picked up lots of unexpected skills and protocols thanks to Covid-19. As a result, we managed to produce a great slate of productions. What did we do and learn during the pandemic?


Safe University Filming:

We’ve filmed many videos in the past decade with Concordia University’s team, but never with empty facilities while students and teachers are all online. But by following strict safety protocols, we managed to shoot and edit a great new slate of promotional videos for the university that will be released in January 2021!



Happily, the adorably cute kids and their inspiring educators at two different educational facilities: The Little Red Playhouse and Hebrew Foundation School were at school when we came to film fundraising and Virtual Open House projects. We hope our videos help them gain the new students and raise the funds they need for their next adventures.

Medical Education:

Over the summer and fall, we mastered the art of filming and editing Zoom interviews and adding cool motion graphics to help deliver informative medical webinars for MedPlan.


Demo filming under a rainbow of alert codes:

Yes, it was stressful to do development filming in Winnipeg as the codes changed from green to yellow to orange. But we hope that we’ll get to move this project in development with APTN into production in 2021.


With all that wrapped, we can’t wait for a holiday break. We hope that life returns to something more normal for all of us in the New Year!