We’ve Added Three More Films

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Enjoy some free online summer viewing!

With restrictions being loosened across the country, life is feeling a little more normal. But we’re still missing our usual summer festivals and travels, so we’ve added two more of our documentaries and one animated dance film for you to enjoy free of charge in our online viewing showcase.  


Once Upon a Journey  

Once Upon a Journey spends a year with grade ten students in the east end of Montreal. As they interview older family members to write and design a book based on the immigrant experience of their grandparents and parents, they try to bridge the intergenerational conflicts between different cultures and value systems. 


Drawing Blank 

In this dreamlike story told through dance and stop-motion painting, a woman discovers something magical inside a discarded ink sketch when a miniature dance partner comes to life. 


Still Longshots

This documentary follows four at-risk youths learning to make videos about their lives, discovering a creative outlet that allows them to heal. The group completes their experience by spending a weekend with a group of former street kids who did a similar workshop a decade earlier. Surprising, and often disturbing, parallels emerge between the two groups, along with glimmers of hope.


Happy viewing!