When Longshots premiered in 1994, the film was recognized as being at the forefront of a whole new movement of putting filmmaking into the hands of documentary subjects.

The film careens through six unpredictable weeks in the lives of a group of street-kids, as they learn to make films in a video workshop. The streetwise subjects, ranging in age from 17 to 23 years old, are a challenging class: sometimes they don’t show up at all, and one has to be bailed out of jail.

But they have a passion to create and tell stories. As they work at documenting their experiences on videotape, we discover their world and hidden dreams.


Maureen Marovitch & David Finch


Maureen Marovitch


Ina Fichman

Director of Photography

Renald Bellemare


Howard Goldberg

Original Broadcaster

CBC Newsworld