Documentary Series


For most people, the idea of arm wrestling conjures up images of brawny men hunched over beer soaked tables in the back of a bar room. The new documentary series Arm Nation challenges all that!

Arm Nation focuses on the training, competitions and personal life challenges of a dozen Aboriginal men and women who seriously train, coach and compete in one of the world’s oldest sports. Each dynamic and intimate episode will follow a handful of the ‘pullers’ as they’re known working their way through local, national and eventually the prestigious Worlds competition. But life throws all kinds of difficult curves their ways as they must still hold down their day jobs and raise families as they strive to win gold in the world of amateur sports.

Series Director

David Finch

Writers & Producers

David Finch & Maureen Marovitch

Director of Photography

Dave Gaudet

Picture Editors

Jesse Bochner & James Malloch


Jordan Wiberg (English)
Allan Adam (Dene)

Original Music

Jason Levy & Bruno Martel

Original Broadcaster