Summer Filming & Hot Awards!

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It’s been a busy month- we’ve been prepping and shooting for two promotional video series and picking up some award bling!

First the shoots: Ranger Design is a designer and manufacturer of commercial van storage systems. They tasked us with the job of creating onboarding videos, that is, videos to help acclimatize their new hires. (Click here to learn more about onboarding videos and see some great examples).

After whirlwind weeks of research and scripting with their team, we were ready to roll! We shot with two crews to capture all the action at their Montreal and Rochester, NY plants, and recorded enthusiastic interviews with their employees. We’ll be doing post on the video series in August and delivering at the end of summer.

We also filmed in a medical environment – minus all the “Grey’s Anatomy” love triangles. We’re creating promotional and training videos for MIP Inc. an engineer and manufacturer of health care textiles. We aimed our lenses at nurses, nursing students and actors to create videos that will help medical personnel understand the benefits of the Ultraglide Swift Slider repositioning bedding. We’re editing through August and delivering at the end of the month.

What else is new? We’re delighted to receive two new Videographer awards: an Award Of Excellence for the PERFORM Center Tour and an award of distinction for our forklift simulator video for Simlog.

And stay tuned for some exciting news in September from our Documentary And Fiction Division!