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How video can help grapple with ‘business as unusual’

Can we be straight with you?  Many of the industries and organizations we normally collaborate with have been upended.  They’re grappling with recreating their workspaces, their workflows, and the way they deliver products and services.  For many, their revenue has gone down and with it their ability to think about creating marketing and training materials. But based on our research, this is actually an optimal moment to market, educate, and inform your teams and clients.

Employees and customers are now spending significantly more time online than ever before.  Your team and target market still need your products, services, and information. They need to be able to access up-to-date information at any time and video can fill that niche.

And if a significant part of your workforce is working from home now and for the foreseeable future, your team may have increased needs for new and/or improved education and sales enabling tools.  Things like new training videos, onboarding materials, product demonstrator clips, and instructional videos could help your teamwork and sell better as they navigate new ways of fulfilling their current roles.


We understand this is an incredibly challenging time to be in business. We’ll find ways to work with your budget to help strengthen your business. Contact us to discuss what might work best for you.


And before you go, don’t miss this one minute of animated fun, created by our 2D animation team! It’s just a little example of what we can whip up for a client (in this case us!) in this time of social distancing.

Keep well and stay safe.

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