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Are you a changemaker or do you know one? Tell us about it for a new TV series!

Picture This Productions in association with APTN (The Aboriginal People’s Television Network) is developing Warrior Up!, a new TV series that will profile Indigenous youth ages 13 to 24 who are making a positive change in their communities!

Warriors protect the land, their history, and traditions. To be a warrior is to be resilient, to make a change, and to fight for what matters to you. We are looking for youth who warrior up. Whether it’s re-teaching traditional knowledge, standing on the frontlines, installing solar panels in community centers, revitalizing your language, leading workshops, planting bee pollinating gardens, or more- we want to hear your story.

So, tell us how you’ve made a difference in your community and how you’d like to make that impact even bigger, and we may feature you and your community in our series!  

TO SUBMIT: Send us a short video introducing yourself (name, age**, telephone number, and the city/ province where you live) explaining why you’re a Warrior.  What have you been doing in your community? And what more would you like to make happen? 

Dream big or dream small! We’ll contact you to find out more information and see if we help make your next idea happen.


Email your video to 



** If you’re under 16, please ask your parent’s consent before sending your video.