December 2019 News

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Our corporate video division had a busy fall season, creating a variety of content from safety to staff training, event recaps, and more! Here’s a December 2019 news recap to catch up on what we’ve worked on so far.


Firstly, we created English and French versions of a 20 minute animated emergency preparedness training video for the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) educators and staff. The video is designed to help staff understand how to keep students safe and calm in crisis situations in schools.


    Secondly, we’ve been also been working in tandem with Soaq to edit eight staff training videos for Modern cleaning services and version them into both English and French.


    We’ve gone deep into dry eye disease working with medical communications company MedPlan to craft a series of 56  information videos, 28 featuring English speaking medical professionals and 28 featuring French-speaking doctors. These videos for their “Eye Build- Ask An Expert” platform were filmed over two days and four months in post-production.


    Repeat client 5crowd hired us to film for them at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)


In addition, we filmed and edited videos for Dialogue, a company providing virtual healthcare for businesses. In fact, we captured a panel discussion on AI and a networking event. We edited them into long-form videos and a fun, fast-paced event recap video. So, here is Dialogue Recap 48 sec from Picture This Productions on Vimeo.

So with all that in the can, we’ll be ready for a holiday break at the end of the month! Contact us if you’d like us to be part of your filming and editing adventures in 2020!