In Latest News

Summer is at its end and with that comes a pull to head back to school…so we did! Our fall homework is producing a new brand video for Montreal’s Concordia University. Filming with researchers and students to share their innovative work is different in the time of Covid-19 than in previous videos we’ve shot for this university. This time around, the halls and labs are largely empty while most students and professors are connecting from their home computers. But the institution’s exciting work continues and it’s our job to capture and share that with the larger public. Filming continues through the first half of September and we’ll be excited to ‘hand in our assignment’ and unveil the new video later this fall.

Also on the ‘back to school’ theme, we’re welcoming a new intern this autumn, Stephanie Hubert. Stephanie is currently a third year undergraduate at Carleton University doing a double major in film and communications and media studies. Stephanie hopes to eventually pursue her studies at the Toronto Film School, or in graduate studies towards a Ph.D. in Film. She’ll be studying remotely from Montreal, giving her the chance to intern with us and delve into professional aspects of production and producing.