12 Questions with Michael Kong 

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Get to know our new production manager, Michael – and his trusty sidekick, Phoenix!

  1. Five hashtags that describe you:
    #onelifeliveit #montreallife #akita #foodporn #redwine
  2. Tell us about Phoenix, the newest office dog:
    He’s a 7-year-old Japanese Akita rescue dog. Super loyal and patient. He kept me company during this pandemic!
  3. Favourite part about being on location?
    The buzz of making things happen. Seeing a vision get put onto film has a certain adrenaline rush associated with it.
  4. Now that you’re back in Montreal, what spots are you looking forward to spending time at?
    Anywhere with table service! Miss going out for good food, good wine and good company
  5. What skill would you love to learn?
    To fly a plane, I’ve been in enough of them.
  6. Next piece of equipment you’d love to get?
    Something to do with streaming as that’s another area of production we would like to get into.
  7. Favourite movie?
    Grease, can watch it over and over.
  8. Dream vacation?
    Returning back to the Maldives.
  9. Guilty pleasure?
    Spending too much money on things I really don’t need!
  10. If you were transformed into an animal, which one would it be?
    A dog so I can talk to Phoenix.
  11. Something on your bucket list?
    Go see the northern lights in a Scandinavian country, whilst also going one of their major cities to admire their architecture.
  12. Favourite dessert?