How Timelapse Video Can Help Boost Sales

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Help potential clients view your product or service in a fresh way using timelapse video.

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Time-lapse video involves taking images over an extended period, and then editing them together for a fast-forward, compressed video. The results artfully demonstrate a change or process that would be too slow to watch in real-time.


Many industries can benefit from adding timelapse video into their marketing mix:

  • Construction: When buildings take months or even years to construct, time lapse shows the amazing process taking shape from the ground up. The technique can tell the entire construction story, or focus on specific elements in the building process.
  •  Landscaping: Potential clients can witness the transformation of barren land into a beautifully landscaped area in a matter of seconds, fueling their imagination for their own outdoor space.
  • Interior Design –Inspire potential clients by showing the creative transformation of rooms and spaces you’ve created, and help them envision their own new living space.
  • Manufacturing: Capture the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to the product.
  • Product Marketing: A time lapse video can demonstrate how a product works over time, starting with the problem right through to the positive outcome.
  • Agriculture: Show the growth and development of crops and animals, and the bounty of your production process
  • Tourism: Bring the beauty and liveliness of a dream destination to would-be travelers, and let them witness a stunning sunrise or sunset, or how a quant empty square transforms into a festival celebration site. Timelape videos can help attract tourists on each step of their journey planning and purchase.


Time lapse can work well on its own, but also shines when it’s incorporated into a larger narrative that puts a story to the powerful images. Stories make for engaging video, and that narrative may be how the construction project and team overcame great challenges, how a product solves a thorny problem or the glory of a team or company striving for new artistic heights. Start with a script or storyboard that will resonate with your target audience, and then make the timelapse an integral part of that overall message.


Breathtaking timelapse footage starts with high quality equipment and well framed shots taken from the right vantage points. To capture key moments, it’s also important to map out the significant milestones of your project or process that need to be captured. If your team doesn’t have the expertise and gear, consider investing in an experienced crew to deliver crisp, stunning results.


Time-lapse video can be a valuable investment for your business when it’s used creatively and strategically. To discuss how to use timelapse video to achieve your business goals, contact us by email or call 514-484-1145.