Arm Nation in 2 Languages

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Throughout March and April, we’re recording voices for the Aboriginal language version of our sports documentary series Arm Nation. Many shows on APTN are versioned into one of Canada’s Aboriginal languages. Arm Nation will be broadcast in English and also in a completely Dene version.

We are collaborating with Allan Adam, who has many years of experience as a Dene language instructor and translator. His job is to take all English and any other language dialogue and narration in all 13 episodes and translate them. And Allan’s work doesn’t stop there – he is also our Dene language series narrator and recording supervisor.




Allan has put together a team of Dene speakers to voice the other men, women, and children that come up in each episode.  Ross Nykiforuk of Cosmic Pad Studios in Saskatoon is the sound engineer recording all this talent. Once all the voices are recorded, our editing team will edit them into the nearly complete episodes. Then our sound editor will make sure they are perfectly mixed and balanced with the music, ambient sounds, and sound effects. In a way, it is like editing the series all over again.




The Dene people span from western Yukon to the northern part of British Columbia and through the Prairie Provinces. These full Dene language episodes will be coming to television on APTN  and online at alongside the English language version starting this September. Follow our Facebook page for all the latest series news!